Intro Post

So, this is my first blog post. Nothing too special, just want to layout the purpose of this blog.

Something I’ve been kicking around for a while now, but finally decided to do it. I took this as an opportunity to learn node.js and express.js, which are both excellent frameworks, but are definitely very new as well (I will blog later about the building process and some of the more ‘interesting’ issues I found).

This blog will basically contain any random ramblings which I feel so moved to write. It won’t be formal, and it’s doubtful that many people will read it, but it will be a good exercise for me to write on a more regular basis. Many of them will be technical, but I will probably also blog about life and other things I like from time to time.

Additionally, this page will function as my new ‘presence’ on the web. It has been a while since my old home page, was really relevant, so it will be good to have something more current when you google my name.

I’ll get around to adding comments at some point soon as well so that my non-existent readers can post responses and questions.